16 February 2008

Blue-Ray and HD-DVD

During the last few years we witnessed the development of the two High Definition formats and the war between them. Now it seems that everything is settled up, but hey, "it aint over, 'till it's over!" :P.
You can find a variety of different articles about Blue-Ray, HD-DVD and the High Definition Format war. Here I'll try to summarize the main things about all three of them.
Lets start by noting what HD-DVD has to offer. It may have smaller capacity (15 GB per layer) but it's much chepaer. Also the technology for the production of HD-DVDs is also cheaper and technology for ordinary DVD can easily be upgraded in order to produce HD-DVDs.
On the other hand we have Blue-Ray. It's better - much better. It not only has a bigger capacity (25 GB per layer, which is 167% of the HD-DVD capacity) but it's thinner. This gives producers the opportunity to make multi-layered BDs (the last thing I heared about multi-layered BDs was that there were going to be 10-layered ones). We should also not ignore the fact that BDs have a harder coat developed by TDK - it is said that it can stand even screwdrivers!
So BDs are definitely better, but HD-DVDs are cheaper. What do we do now? Everyone prefers what's better, but sometimes makes compromises with the quality because of financial issues. According to me - that's the key to the problem - people SOMETIMES MAKE (not always and not never) compromises. So we do need both formats.
Have you beed recently to the market for DVDs? Which ones do you usually buy - the cheaper or the better ones? I usually buy the cheaper ones but sometimes I need better quality and give about twice as much money in order to really preserve some data on an optical disk for more than a couple of months. We can also compare buying single- ot dual-layer DVDs with buying HD-DVDs and BDs. I guess that in 10 years I'll be doing almost the same. The difference will be that I'll be usually buying HD-DVDs and sometimes BDs depending on if I need better quality, more capacity or I want to save some money.
However some people think that only one of the formats should stay and the other has to go. The funniest thing was that in the beginning of the format war people said that in the end, the customers will be the ones that suffer. I never trusted this but if only one of the formats stays - it really will be customers suffering.