02 May 2008

New blog

For all of you who are from Bulgaria, you may like to chock out my new blog - KO64ETO :). What's different about it is that there I'll be posting more frequently (at least I hope so) and only on speciffic topics (not like here - in this blog I've posted only 14 comments and there are at least 12 different subjects on which I've posted). More about KO64ETO concerns my co-authors - Vasil Vasilev and Asen Stoikov. These great guys will bring much variety to the new blog.
KO64ETO is actually some old project that the tree of us had in mind. It was initially Vasil's idea to make a web site, where he would post information regarding interesting topics in which he is competant. In the beginning they started both with Asen, and after a couple of weeks I joined them. After that I made a new web site with the help of my dear friend Hristo Petrov. The web site was http://ko64eto.host-bg.info/ . However it was just then when all of us - Asen, Vasil and me, stopped posting because of the much work we had to put in order to get ready for all of the exams for applying to universities. Soon all of this will be over and I hope we'll be back posting even more than before.
So, enjoy KO64ETO!