30 April 2008

One ordinary school day

Don't get scared and don't think we are crazy - this is something absolutely normal for us to do, while we are in school. Just don't let our headmaster to find out... at least not untill June, when we will have already graduated.

18 April 2008

The most beautiful women (are in Bulgaria)

As I was going through some RSS feeds today I came across a very interesting article in http://www.softpedia.com/. The actual name of the article is "Top 10 Cities with the Most Beautiful Women". You can see the real article, published in http://www.mmoabc.com/, over here.
As a Bulgarian I was both astonished and very happy to find out that Varna, the so called sea capital of Bulgaria and also the second largest city in the country, is placed 4th in that ranking. True, Bulgarian girls are very pretty, and now you can see that the whole world agrees with that, since the ranking is based on a survay with many votes.
On the picture illustrating Varna in the mmoabc.com article, you may recognize Miss Maxim Bulgaria 2006 - Vanya. And if my memory serves me right, she was second in the international contest Miss Maxim World 2006, which was in Thailand.
So if you are wondering where to go this summer - the answer is in Varna, where you can find some of the most beautiful women in the world.

16 April 2008

The Mosaic of Science and Culture project

Three years ago the European Union gave start to the Mosaic of Science and Culture project by financing it. It is a project under the Comenius subprogram, part of the Socrates program for the EU. It's a project that aims at letting students from different countries work together while learning about the greatest scientiffic discoverers and get to know each other's habbits and culture. There are six countries that took part in the project. These countries are Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Norway and Spain. There had been a meeting in every one of them starting with a teachers' meating in Spain and a big meating in Norway in 2006. After that it was Portugal and Poland in 2007, and this year the meatings have been in Italy and Bulgaria. The last meeting took place in the city of Shumen last week.
You can see the project's web site here: http://www.mosaicofscience.info/ . There you can find much information about the activities during the meatings and information about the different countries that took part in the project.
I am one of the participants in the project. I was one of Bulgarias representatives in the meating in Norway and I took great part in the preparation for the meating in Bulgaria. I'm also the web master of the project's site.
I've uploaded some pictures from the last meating. You can see them right here: