16 September 2008

HTC Touch HD

"Bad artists copy. Great artists steal."
That's what Pablo Picasso had said some time ago.

Just a few minutes ago, I saw an overview of the new HTC Touch HD's characteristics. Guess what - it has 480x800 touchscreen, with 5 MPx camera. Sounds familiar? Before I continue, I just want to remind you that in the end of the month, Sony-Ericsson will start shipping their new 3G phone - Xperia X1 (480x800 px touchscreen display, 5 MPx camera and so on). Hmm... is this new HTC phone something like an X1 copy?

Bad HTC, bad!

Source: Softpedia

04 September 2008

Google Chrome

It's here, it's now, but is it really "wow"? If you ask me - it's NOT! Yesterday was the first day when Google Chrome's BETA was released. I said to myself - OK, it's just a BETA, I won't be testing it, since I've seen many betas with many bugs and since I like Google (along with Adobe - they are my two favorite software companies) I thought that I didn't want to get a bad impression about their software. However for the last 48 hours I've read many news, and about 15% of them had to do something with Google Chrome (and that's quite much - when the iPhone 3G was out, this percentage was only about 10!). All of this just made me so curious, that I just had to see it for myself, moreover I'm very keen on CSS coding and how different browsers interpret CSS (believe me - there still isn't a single web browser that manages to handle strong CSS correctly - IE7 and Firefox 3 have only a few bugs, but still).
So in less than half an hour ago, I downloaded Google Chrome, hoping that the day when CSS won't be a big problem comes NOW, but... I'm disappointed. Google Chrome gives me a bug with a simple line-height value! Can you believe that? A simple line-height argument! Now this is just too much. Sure - it's the fastest JavaScript-interpretation-browser I've seen, but a line-height CSS bug?! You must be kidding me! I know, it's just a beta version and soon there will be lots of updates and so on, but I'm not speaking of something Google might have not noticed while they were developing Chrome... or have they? How come they have missed so basic thing?
My message for Google is: This time you've "outdone" yourselves! I expect something far better for the official release of Chrome.