18 March 2011

What's next for this blog?

So more than a year after a last posted here (and boy that was quite a post :D ) I decided to check whether there was any point in this blog and looked at some statistics. Since I started this I've posted about several topics - Bulgarian traditions, weather, technology, personal experience. One of the most important things a blogger should know is what he should write about. Having this in mind, I decided to check which posts were the most read and commented ones, and realized that more than half of my visitors read a post on women in Bulgaria. Most of the keyword searched for my blog were about information about looks of Bulgarian women, but they definitely came from people who were looking for some information on Bulgaria (probably because they were coming on a vacation here). Having this in mind I decided that I should post a bit more on such information about people that may be visiting Bulgaria, so they have a better idea about the place they are or may be visiting.

Having this said I guess that all that I should add is that I hope I'll have the time and won't be lazy enough to write as seldom as once in a couple of months or even more seldom.