18 March 2011

What's next for this blog?

So more than a year after a last posted here (and boy that was quite a post :D ) I decided to check whether there was any point in this blog and looked at some statistics. Since I started this I've posted about several topics - Bulgarian traditions, weather, technology, personal experience. One of the most important things a blogger should know is what he should write about. Having this in mind, I decided to check which posts were the most read and commented ones, and realized that more than half of my visitors read a post on women in Bulgaria. Most of the keyword searched for my blog were about information about looks of Bulgarian women, but they definitely came from people who were looking for some information on Bulgaria (probably because they were coming on a vacation here). Having this in mind I decided that I should post a bit more on such information about people that may be visiting Bulgaria, so they have a better idea about the place they are or may be visiting.

Having this said I guess that all that I should add is that I hope I'll have the time and won't be lazy enough to write as seldom as once in a couple of months or even more seldom.

15 January 2010

Happy Anniversary (again)

Hey, I totally forgot that this blog is now two years old :D. It just makes you cry when you realize how fast they are growing :P.
Just a minute ago, while I was browsing the older posts, I saw the first one from last year, and it was just like that - wishing you a happy new year and congratulating myself for keeping this blog living for a whole year. Well, the second one wasn't as good as the first one - with only 5 posts for the year as a total, three of which were during the last month :D. I hope this time I'll be writing a bit more, however excuse me if I miss doing so, but frankly - I have a bit different idea about blogging - I think of some kind of tutorials, however this I have in mind for almost a year now, and there is still no results, so it make take even longer. Wish me luck to do it soon :P!
Until then - I hope I'll write at least a bit.

07 January 2010

Nothing to do? Log in to Facebook

Lately Facebook is gaining more and more popularity. Being the second most visited web site, after www.google.com since last October, being the number one most visited site on Christmas, having I-don't-even-know-how-many users registered, it's the largest social service in the planet. And this is a big deal, since social services are probably the biggest part of the web yet, and they tend to continue to grow, evolve and spread - nowadays it's all about connectivity and communication.
While I was browsing my feeds yesterday, I came upon and article in softpedia.com that listed a graph of the views of the largest social services. You can see from the graph, provided there that not only Facebook is number one, but it has 260 billions of page views, followed by MySpace with 11 times less, not to mention all of the others whose sum of page views is equal to these of MySpace.
So, what is the summary of all that? Facebook is 80% of the social services, which are the future way of connecting people. F*ck both e-mail and Google Wave!

29 December 2009

Facebook - the most visited site for Christmas

Just a moment ago I read on www.softpedia.com that on Christmas Facebook was the most visited site in the US.
For some time now, Facebook has been the second most visited after Google, however on the day of Christmas, and even the day before - Christmas Eve, Google had fallen to the second place, being outrun by the social service.
I guess that soon Facebook will return to being number two, however this achievement shows with no doubt, that social networks, and Facebook in particular, and gaining more ground in the Internet, providing means of contact between long-lost friends, relatives, co-workers and much more.

26 December 2009

Facebook is down

Something happened to facebook just several minutes ago. As I was browsing my profile, the social web sited just crashed. When you type facebook.com in the adressbar it would redirect you to Google and if you try to load some other page (lets say facebook.com/home.php or www.facebook.com/magadanskiuchen?ref=profile, which is my personal profile) it would show you a 404 File Not Found Error!
I recorded a short screen cast to show you what I mean.