20 February 2009

Google sync

Just last week I bought a new mobile phone - LG KS20 to be exact - and I was more then happy when the next day I read in my feeds, that Google launched a new service for smart phones and pocket  PCs. That's Google Sync. The interesting part about it was that it could communicate with windows mobile based devices over the active sync protocol.
This was the perfect opportunity to me to transfer my contacts to my new phone, so I tested the service right away, even that Google's staff warned in the google sync's official web site that it's still a beta version and it may not work properly. Well I had no contacts or anything else that I could've lost, so I just connected my phone to the PC and setup my google sync. I was very pleased that the connection was easu to establish, all of my ontacts were transfered to my phone in just a minute and everything. It was great. However, then I tried to change the listing of my contacts, since they all looked like "Last Name, First Name" style and I hate that. I tried to list them first to see the first name and then - the last one (after all they are FIRST and LAST names, right?). The thing that I did not like was that after only several seconds, the names were listed back the old way. I had to remove my google sync conection in order to make them stay the way I wanted. I'm not sure if this is actually a bug, and whose fault it is, but to me it looks like I can read data from my google account, but I can't write back and I don't like this part. It's cool to transfer everything from my g account to my phone, but the opposite isn't working the way I'd like, so I guess that I'll be waiting for official version before using google sync again. After all - I got what I wanted and this make me feel calm and happy. Good luck Google, to making this service one of the best, like all of your other products :).