15 January 2010

Happy Anniversary (again)

Hey, I totally forgot that this blog is now two years old :D. It just makes you cry when you realize how fast they are growing :P.
Just a minute ago, while I was browsing the older posts, I saw the first one from last year, and it was just like that - wishing you a happy new year and congratulating myself for keeping this blog living for a whole year. Well, the second one wasn't as good as the first one - with only 5 posts for the year as a total, three of which were during the last month :D. I hope this time I'll be writing a bit more, however excuse me if I miss doing so, but frankly - I have a bit different idea about blogging - I think of some kind of tutorials, however this I have in mind for almost a year now, and there is still no results, so it make take even longer. Wish me luck to do it soon :P!
Until then - I hope I'll write at least a bit.

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