07 January 2010

Nothing to do? Log in to Facebook

Lately Facebook is gaining more and more popularity. Being the second most visited web site, after www.google.com since last October, being the number one most visited site on Christmas, having I-don't-even-know-how-many users registered, it's the largest social service in the planet. And this is a big deal, since social services are probably the biggest part of the web yet, and they tend to continue to grow, evolve and spread - nowadays it's all about connectivity and communication.
While I was browsing my feeds yesterday, I came upon and article in softpedia.com that listed a graph of the views of the largest social services. You can see from the graph, provided there that not only Facebook is number one, but it has 260 billions of page views, followed by MySpace with 11 times less, not to mention all of the others whose sum of page views is equal to these of MySpace.
So, what is the summary of all that? Facebook is 80% of the social services, which are the future way of connecting people. F*ck both e-mail and Google Wave!

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